Bulkorn VV Ltd, which is specialized in primary processing of cereals, was found in 2011. It is one of the few companies that meet all the requirements of the market. Recent research has proved that cereals are really useful for our healthy life. The permanent demand for such products is due to the richness of the edible components of the grain that has essential health benefits.

The main purpose of our company is to produce natural, useful, additives and impurities free foods without any change in their origin. We succeed in achieving this by controlling strictly the raw materials. We buy the raw materials only from registered agricultural producers and they are always laboratory tested. We guarantee that our products are strictly monitored “from the field to the plate”. The goals our company has set and the quality of the products we offer: hulled wheat, white wheat, bulgur wheat, einkorn bulgur, make us leaders in this field and despite the fact that we are a relatively new company we are proud of our achievements. The fact that big companies are our clients gives us great satisfaction. Our products are popular and well known throughout Bulgaria. One of the greatest ambitions of our company is to meet consumer demand and this is the reason why we are developing a project on gluten free foods that are suitable for people suffering from celiac disease (an allergy to gluten) and for people with special dietary needs.


In our dynamic and commercialized world the quality of food is getting worse and more difficult to control. Therefore it is important to increase people’s access to our healthy and high quality food products. We take pride in our products which are raw and natural. The raw materials we use are from specially selected types of wheat.

Our premises meet all the requirements of the production process and have modern technological equipment that notably contributes to the high quality of our products.

Our company is registered in the National Register of BFSA and we have a certificate under article 12 of the Food Law for “Primary Processing of Cereals” as well as for “Packaging Cereals and Pulses”.